Special Invite – Thursday 16.30 to 18.00

Dr. Chris Irons

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

From the Inside Out – Self-reflection and practice, read more.

Dr. Chris Irons is an accredited trainer and supervisor of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), and regularly presents to academic, professional and lay audiences on CFT and more broadly, the science of compassion.

Thursday November 15th 2018 – Pre-conference workshop


  • Robyn Walser (USA) & Rikke Kjelgaard (Sweden/Denmark) – Uncovering the Process of Creative Hopelessness, read more
  • Niklas Törneke (Sweden) – ABC and metaphorsread more
  • Matt Villatte (USA) – Mastering the Clinical conversation with RFT, read more
  • Graciela Rovner (Sweden) – ACTiveRehab- ACT for the Pain Rehab Team, read more

Selection of presenters Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of November.

  • Doing Experiential Therapy (5) Robyn Walser (US) & Matt Villatte (US), 3 hours workshop. Read more
  • 10 Mistakes you don’t want to do as an ACT Therapist (6) Rikke Kjelgaard (DK), 3 hours workshop. Read more
  • Guiding Mindfulness/awareness Exercises for Patients with Somatic Conditions (7) – Graciela Rovner (SE), 3 hours workshop. Read more
  • Process based therapy – an RFT perspective (8) – Niklas Törneke (SE), 3 hours workshop. Read more
  • ACT for Psychosis Recovery (9) – Joe Oliver (UK), 3 hours workshop. Read more
  • The Self in Practice (10) – Louise McHugh (IR), 3 hours workshop. Read more
  • Internet based therapy (11) – Gerhard Andersson, 45 minutes Plenary. Read more
  • Using the ACT Model in the Clinic and beyond (12) – Andrew Gloster (CH), 45 minutes Plenary. Read more
  • Current Directions in Relational Frame Theory: Research and Application (13) – Louise McHugh (IR), 45 minutes Plenary. Read more
  • Female, fierce and fabulous (14), Rikke Kjelgaard (DK), 3 hours workshop. Read more