Uncovering the Process of Creative Hopelessness

Presenters: Robyn Walser (USA) & Rikke Kjelgaard (Sweden/Denmark)

In our experience, many clinicians find the process of delivering and working with creative hopelessness in ACT difficult.

Clinicians themselves may find that they react to the hopelessness and worry about how the intervention is impacting the client. They may ”get stuck” in a control agenda or in their own feelings of hopelessness.

At times, the function of creative hopeless is lost and the content becomes the key aspect, often leading to discussions with clients that defeat the work of creative hopelessness.

Undermining control based strategies can be challenging in the therapeutic setting, ultimately, clinicians will want to do this compassion and forthrightness. In the broader application of ACT and in assisting the client through therapy, this process can play an important role in both the process and progress of therapy.

Through roleplays and demonstrations Robyn Walser and Rikke Kjelgaard will uncover the process of creative hopelessness and show various ways of working with this flexibly and fluently in session.

Clinicians will be guided to consider their own process and how it plays out in therapy.


Robyn Walser

Rikke Kjelgaard