Thursday November 15th 2018 – Pre-conference workshop


  • Robyn Walser (USA) & Rikke Kjelgaard (Sweden/Denmark) – Uncovering the Process of Creative Hopelessness, read more
  • Niklas Törneke (Sweden) – ABC and metaphorsread more
  • Matt Villatte (USA) – Mastering the Clinical conversation with RFT, read more
  • Graciela Rovner (Sweden) – ACTiveRehab- ACT for the Pain Rehab Team, read more


The final program for the ACBS Nordic, 2018, will be out mid September, 2018. The program Committee will publish workshops ongoing. We open for submission of abstracts 1st of March, 2018.

The themes this year will be:

  • ACT in different settings (organizations, schools, sports).
  • ACT delivered in group-format.

How to design them and meet our clients differential responsiveness. Can we modularize the interventions?

  • ACT and Compassion (Self-care lifestyles, bodywork, breathing & meditation)
  • Clinical RFT