Mastering the Clinical conversation with RFT

Presenter: Matthieu Villatte (USA)

This workshop will focus on developing your ability to engage in natural conversations with your clients based on contextual behavioral principles (i.e. experiential, pragmatic, integrative, and contextual use of language). There will be no didactic presentation — only clinical demonstrations, analysis of therapist-client exchanges, and direct feedback to improve your skills.

The workshop will be organized around “real plays” based on personal experiences or therapy cases shared by participants. The trainer will begin the therapeutic exchange and alternate roles to demonstrate different approaches to the same situation. The group will then analyze the interactions and suggest next steps to continue the clinical conversation. Progressively, participants will be encouraged to take the lead and receive feedback from the trainer as they interact with the client.

Some prior exposure to clinical RFT will be helpful but not necessary. Beginners will benefit from observing the demonstrations and analysis, while more advanced participants will refine their skills through practice and feedback.
Matthieu Villatte