ABC and metaphors

Presenter: Niklas Törneke (Sweden)

Functional analysis (ABC-analysis) is at the core of most modern behavioral models of psychotherapy. In dialectic behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), behavioral activation and functional analytical psychotherapy (FAP) the therapist gives a lot of attention to understanding the relationship between the strategy of the client and the problems that follow, and to help the client contact that relationship as a way to change.

This workshop will train participants in doing such an analysis. It will also have a special focus on using metaphor in the dialogue to accomplish this. A short theoretical introduction both to functional analysis as such and the place of metaphor in human language more generally will start the workshop which then will be highly practical in presenting principals of clinical work and provide specific training in how to go about in the therapeutic dialogue.

Educational objectives:

  1. The participant will be able to apply basic behavioral principles in working with metaphor in therapy
  2. The participant will be able to use metaphors in doing a functional analysis
  3. The participant will be able to construct metaphors in a therapeutic dialogue, focusing on relevant clinical targets.
  4. The participant will be able to recognize metaphors spontaneously used by a client and use them according to basic principles for therapeutic change
  5. The participant will be able to co-create metaphors with a client, as part of a natural dialogue

Niklas Törneke